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Creating Your LinkedIn Profile

If you’ve invested money in your resume or CV, but try to write your own LinkedIn profile, you could be making a big mistake. Your professional LinkedIn profile isn’t just another social media profile. It is another place where potential employers will first learn about you. Shouldn’t it be as polished and professionally written as possible? In fact, there is a good chance that recruiters and hiring managers have looked at your profile as they search LinkedIn for prospects, even if they haven’t contacted you directly about a position.

Let a LinkedIn Profile Writer Help You Make a Great Impression on Employers Clients And Potential Associates

When you hire Resumes Center to write your LinkedIn bio, your writer will ask you many questions relating to your future goals, education, experience, and accomplishments. They’ll also want to know what you are doing in your current position. Once they know that information, they will be able to write a profile that helps you to put your best foot forward with anybody who might find you on LinkedIn.

About Our Professional Bio Writers

Each of the writers who work for has received professional training in writing all forms of employment related documents, included LinkedIn bios. In addition to this, they all have backgrounds in outplacement, human resources, personnel development, recruiting, or other fields that involve seeking out and selecting qualified job seekers. The result is that they are excellent writers and they understand what hiring managers are looking for. You will also find that our writers are courteous, extremely professional, and that they are happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Here is a brief list of what your writer has to offer:

  • Write a profile that complements your resume
  • Help you identify skills you have gained in all areas of your life
  • Find leadership skills and management skills that you have developed
  • Assist you in finding accomplishments, awards, etc. that are relevant to your profile
Additional Services
  • LinkedIn® Pro Bio

  • Resume design services

  • Resume/CV review

  • Resume Package: Resume + Cover letter writing

  • $4.95

Have You Created a LinkedIn Profile That Contains Useful Information For Recruiters?

What would people see if they were to look at your profile today? Would they find a completed and up to date profile, or did you simply fill in the mandatory fields with the intention of coming back to fill it out at a later time (that never came)? Why not allow one of our professional writers to complete your profile and bring it up to date. Your profile will be professional written and sure to impress anybody who comes across it. Better yet, a completed profile is much more searchable than one that is not.

Let us Begin Creating a LinkedIn Profile For You Today

If you place your order today, we will begin creating a professional LinkedIn profile for you right away. All you have to do is fill out an order form, and we can get started.

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