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Do You Hate Writing Letters? We “Hear” You.

Writing letters is not as simple as you might think. Every type of letter is different in tone and style, and “shifting gears” for each type is tough. ResumesCentre.com can solve this problem for you, no matter what your writing need may be.

Never Learned How to Write Official Letters? We Have Mastered Them.

Official letters are formal documents, and are actually written in APA or MLA style, just as academic writing of a paper has formatting. While you may not understand these format styles, we do. Business letter writing is serious stuff, and includes all of the following types:

  • Job Application or Cover Letters: These papers accompany resumes and have a single purpose - to capture the attention of a hiring manager and make you stand out as an ideal candidate. In a very short amount of space, you have to highlight the major skills, talents, and accomplishments that relate to the position opening. Doing this in a succinct way takes skill that our cover letter writing service pros have. With their vast experience in crafting customized cover letters and resumes in all business and industry niches, you will get the perfect paper.
  • Letters of Recommendation: As a supervisor, manager, colleague, teacher, or personal friend, you may be asked to write recommendations for people who are applying for new positions, for college or graduate school, for scholarships, etc. For the most part, these may be a bit less formal type of business letter writing, but they are still serious and in need of coherence and excellent grammar. If you are inexperienced in writing letters of recommendation, you may do a disservice to the person you are trying to help. For this reason, using a letter writing service is a good idea. You can submit the information you want to include and let a writing pro translate it into a well-organized, complimentary piece for that candidate.
  • Thank-You Letters: While you may be able to write great little thank-you notes to grandma for the Christmas or birthday gift she sent, writing a business-oriented thank-you letter is quite another matter. These types of papers are less formal than a cover letter, but should be written in a professional manner. Generally, they are written to thank someone for an interview, for their time during a sales presentation, for including you in a business meeting or a seminar, etc. Often, they are sent via email. You are trying to remind the recipient who you are and at the same time express your appreciation and the value you place on the opportunity they gave you. Using a professional letter writer when you feel inadequate is just the smart thing to do. Resumes Centre has experienced business writing pros who have vast experience with business thank-you letters. We can quickly craft one and have it back to you for a very low payment. Because our services are fully online, you can submit your details and approve drafts and a final copy within hours.
  • Other Business Letter Writing: There are many other occasions for business or corporate writing. You may need to prepare a memorandum to colleagues in order to summarize the results of an important meeting; you may need to write a formal proposal letter. If you have any concern for your writing skills, a letter writing service just makes sense. Contact us, tell us what you want to say, and let a professional writer give you the perfect document.
  • Just Say, “Write My Letter for Me”: Business writing is critical because it says a great deal about you – about your ability to communicate well, about your organizational skill, and about your understanding of the basic protocols of formal and semi-formal writing. And when those papers go to people you want to hire you or to people outside the walls of your company, you cannot afford to write a poor piece. Choose to do the smart thing – come to Resumes Expert and take advantage of our premier letter writing services. You will spend a relatively small amount of money to make an amazing impression.

What Other Papers Do You Hate Writing?

If you hate writing letters, it is most probably because you have a tough time getting your message across to someone. In fact, just starting them is something you put off until the moment of desperation arrives. Then, you are in a panic, and nothing goes well. The result is that the recipients may mis-understand what you are saying, an event that can be damaging to relationships, both personal and professional.

You should not be embarrassed or feel stupid because you can’t write letters well. Lots of people can verbally express themselves and then correct mis-understandings in the moment. But those same people have epic “fails” when it comes to putting those thoughts in writing. That’s why the letter writing service of Resumes Expert has expanded its offerings to include all types of letters with any purpose. Here is a summary of the types of other papers you can order from us.

Political: These may take many forms and may be directed to local, regional, state, or national officials. You may feel very strongly about certain political issues, and you may want those opinions to be put in letter-writing form. They will need to be well-organized, persuasive, and take a point-by-point format, each point supported by evidence and/or data. Sometimes these letters are written for petition drives. In these instances, they must be clear and concise, so that readers will understand and offer their signatures. When you want your political letter to be engaging, compelling and persuasive, you will want a professional to draft it. We have those professionals.

Urgent: Just the word “urgent” can send a person into a tailspin. And it seems that perhaps a phone call would do. This may not be the case, though, when you want a record of your communication of the urgency to the parties who need to do something. In these instances, you may want to compose a letter and send it overnight or by certified mail, with a return receipt requested. A typical example may be a letter to a landlord over an issue that has not been addressed, despite repeated attempts on your part to get him/her to do something. You want a paper that is well-crafted, that expresses the urgency with clarity, and that is assertive but not rageful. You may be too emotional to write it. Just give us the details, make your reasonably payment, and get that letter perfectly written and back to you for mailing.

Friendly/Personal: Believe it or not, these can be tougher to write than you may think. While such messages may often be sent digitally now, they are still important and should show that you have taken the time and made the effort to write them well. Suppose, for example, that you are a part of your high school or college reunion committee, and you must draft a letter about the upcoming weekend of events and urge your former class members to attend. This is a big piece of writing – it must be informative, but it must also be personalized and friendly. You start drafting the paper, but each effort ends up in the trash can.

You want to impress the other committee members and your classmates too. But you are nervous about composing this piece. Not to worry – we have you “covered.” Just ship off the details to us in your order form, and you will have an amazing piece to send off. You will be patting yourself on the back for having paid such a reasonable fee for a product that is just perfect.

Love Letters: We are talking about love here in its broadest sense – romantic interest, family members, and just wonderful friends whom you truly love. Sometimes, you have a tough time expressing that love in writing. Perhaps you want to write a paper that tells someone how much they mean to you; maybe you need to apologize and repair relationship damage; maybe you need to give heartfelt thanks and express love for all that someone has done for you. If you find yourself at a “loss for words,” understand that this is a common problem. You can tell us what you want to say and let one of our “relationship writers” take the task on for you. You will receive as many sample drafts as necessary until you are thrilled with the paper that has been personally composed for you.

So, Are You Ready to Get This Done?

Don’t just sit and stew, thinking, “I just can’t get this letter written.” Get the best help that Resumes Expert can give you. We will not stop writing until you have exactly what you want.

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