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Top 6 Online Educational Courses for Digital Marketing Beginners

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Digital Marketing Basics are a Must for Everyone

No matter what position you hold, understanding digital marketing is a must. Consider the following reasons why:

  • You go to work for an existing company

You may not be in the marketing or sales departments and therefore think that those departments are solely responsible for any digital marketing campaigns that may be developed and implemented. Yes, they will be designing them; however, everyone in the organization is really involved in marketing, at least indirectly.

If you are on the production end of products that are being marketed digitally, how are they being marketed? What input can you give the marekting department regarding features and benefits of the product? You need to understand how those products are being presented to the public.

If you are responsible for delivering services that are being marketed digitally, you need to work closely with the marketing department so that digital efforts are reaching the right audiences and promoting the services to have the greatest appeal.

If you in HR and you are responsible for filling positions in the marketing department, you may be screening many marketing CV’s to engage employers. But if you do not understand digital marketing, how will you then know who to bring in for an interview?

The point is this: everyone in an organization must understand what digital marketing is and how it is being employed to market products or services that the organization offers. The additional big plus is that should you decide to change positions, having a professional resume that includes your digital marketing knowledge can be an added value to a potential employer.

  • You join a startup or small business

When companies are “lean and mean,” everyone must wear many hats. You may be primarily responsible for seeking funding and maintaining the financials, but you may also be asked to engage in the digital marketing activities of the business. What do you know about SEO? Can you take over maintaining the company blog and social media presence? Can you contribute engaging content and publish it in the right places? Understanding digital marketing will make you an indispensable part of this small company and will play a part in making it a success. Should you then choose to move on to a position with another organization, creating a CV that can include digital marketing expertise will make you all the more attractive.

  • You decide to start your own business

You will not have the funds to hire a digital marketer or an agency to assume this critical function – it’s all on you. And you will have to be a pretty quick study, if you are going to get out there in a competitive way. Suppose, for example, that you are starting a business as an online CV writer. You know that, even though you are a master in this field, there is huge competition. You need to have an amazing website with a great portfolio and blog; you need to have an exciting presence on social media; you need to be advertising where your potential clients are; and you need to be found when potential clients search for your services.

Online Platforms for Digital Marketing Beginners

The great benefit of online coursework is the flexibility you have to pick and choose specific courses and to move through them as quickly as you need to. When it comes to digital marketing, moreover, there are great free online classes, so you can get the basics without any cost, other than your time. Below are listed six free courses through the online educational provider Udemy, as just one example of what’s out there for those who are really motivated to educate themselves.

  • WordPress Website Creation

The very first step in digital marketing is to get a website – one that is attractive, engaging, and simple to design. The great thing about WordPress is that you do not have to understand coding at all. You can have a site up and running very quickly, using WordPress themes and plugins that are relevant for your business.

You can learn how to use WordPress for website creation within a few hours, and for a startup on a shoestring budget, this is the perfect solution.  There will be time later, when you are established and becoming profitable, to hire a professional designer. For now, you’re up and running.

  • SEO Training, Offered by MOZ

If you have not been involved in digital marketing, you will not know of Moz – a premier digital marketing software producer. Taking a course developed by these pros will give you all of the basic strategies for search engine optimization (SEO), a term you may not know right now. If you have ever conducted a basic Google search, you may wonder how some of those entries land on that first page. It’s all about SEO.

  • Social Media Marketing for the Newby

You most likely have at least a Facebook page and profile. Businesses have these too, and most have a presence on several platforms. This presence is a major factor in business brand recognition and the development of a following and customer based. This course will teach you all of the basics about establishing a business presence on social media and why it is so important to maintain it.

  • Google Analytics for the Beginner

Marketers use this tool to analyze what marketing campaigns are successful and which need to be modified or scrapped. It looks very complicated to a beginner, but once the various elements of the tools are explained and you have some practical experience with it, you’ll understand how to use it to improve a digital marketing campaign.

  • Business Blogging – How to Craft Content that is High Quality

Lots of businesses have blogs on their sites – they are easy to set up through WordPress in fact. Just having a blog, however, guarantees nothing. Unless there are posts that engage readers when they land, that provide good value to them and that make them want to share what they read and see, a blog has no purpose. You need to learn the basics of creating educational, entertaining, and inspirational content so that your blog is a popular place for visitors and followers to come.

  • Using Google for Professional Searches

Of course, you have conducted searches on Google unless you are complete computer illiterate. But there are skills to be learned in conducting those searches that will not only get you far more targeted results. You will come to understand exactly how Google operates and determines who gets on that first page of search results. Understanding this will help you build you own digital marketing campaign so that “searchers” will find you.


Digital marketing permeates everyone’s lives – business owners, employees of businesses, and consumers. Without an online presence and strong marketing campaign, it is unlikely that any business will be able to attract customers. This is a consumer-driven age, and consumers search for and make purchasing decisions via the web, not through the traditional marketing venues. Learn how digital marketing works and you will be of value to any employer or to yourself, as an entrepreneur.