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Job Search Engines Tips

Content job search engines tips

A job search generally starts from a job portal. HR’s (Hiring Recruiter) from a start up to big MNC’s (Multi-National Corporations), outsource a chunk of their search to various job portals. Meaning, thousands of people are competing for a single opening in an organization. To cut through the clutter, you need to know the basic working principle of job search engines. While there are various job search websites, the basic principle of job searches remain the same. In this article we will explore some of the methods through which you can be successful in landing a job.

Uploading a good resume is not good enough:

A good resume can no doubt give you a head start. But, what matters is whether your resume is responsive to job search engines. Typically, companies across the globe look for different sets of qualities depending on the opening. You need to make sure that your resume covers all the important key words that the HR’s are looking for. One good way to do it is to Google a particular job and find out the set of keywords that the HR’s are looking for. Once you know them, include them in your resume. This will ensure that your resume gets selected for the kind of opening you are looking for.


Update your resume on a daily basis:

HR’s look for resumes which get updated frequently. To ensure that you receive an interview call, you have to update your resume every week. Make basic changes in your resume. If you feel that there is nothing you can do to make your resume better, just upload a new one with the same content. This way the job search websites will not be able to track whether you really have made any changes in your resume. An updated resume tells the recruiter that you are serious about making a good impression and you are a person who believes in improving every day. While, this step does not guarantee an interview, this is a vital step nevertheless.

Upload multiple resume:

In order to make your life easier, it is a good idea to upload multiple resumes. Job search engines give you the option of doing it. Send resumes according to the merit of the job. Understand the requirement and send across a resume accordingly. It will save a lot of time and you will be able to apply for more jobs with better chances of getting an interview call.

Upload a cover letter:

This is the most neglected aspect of job search. A cover letter will give a recruiter an idea about your skills and the kind of job you are seeking. It will also help them to understand whether the current job opening really suits your skill sets. A good cover is like the entrance of a villa. You only get inside if you get past the main gate. So, make sure that you have a very well written cover letter that is capable of impressing a recruiter.

Make sure your information is verified:

It is extremely important to make sure that your phone number and the mail id is verified. Verified contact information is likely to get more calls than the unverified ones. A recruiter will not waste his time looking for a candidate whose contacts are not verified. Also, make sure that you fill up your basic information. These days most job search websites evaluate candidate profiles in percentage terms. It is necessary that your profile is greater than 95 percent completed. A hundred percent complete profile is likely to fetch you more interviews.

Get your social media information linked to your account:

Most job portals will give you the option of linking your social media profile. Recruiters check the social engagement of a candidate more often than not. Make sure that your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts are linked to your job portal account. It is also a good idea to get some references from previous colleagues, bosses, friends, teachers etc. A reference will give you more credibility. The recruiter is more likely to be impressed with a profile which has lots of references than the one which is devoid of them. A good recommendation from an ex boss or a colleague can go miles in helping you to grab an exciting job.