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How to Write a Resume: Tips For First Time Writers

Content how to write a resume tips for first time writers

If you’re interested in learning how to write a resume you’ve arrived at the ideal place. Creating a resume that is well-written, contains all of the elements that hiring managers want to see, and that is highly readable. If you follow these tips, you will have a much greater chance at getting your resume placed in the interview callback pile.

Forget About Your Objective Statement

Your objective is to get the job that you are applying for. In fact, that’s everybody’s objective. You are better off just leaving that off. Instead, consider providing a brief personal summary that tells the interviewer more about yourself. For example, try replacing this:

Objective: To continue my career as a social media specialist with a firm in the art and design niche.


Personal Summary: I am a social media specialist with more than five years of experience helping art and design companies maximize their use of social media.

Make it Scannable

When it comes to learning how to create a resume, one of the most important things to understand is the importance of making your resume scannable. The average HR person or hiring manager goes through a lot of resumes in one sitting. They aren’t going to read every single word on your resume at first glance. What they are going to do is quickly scan through your resume and look for specific elements, these include:

  • Specific keywords that are related to your position, e.g., programming languages if you are a software developer.
  • Positions you have held
  • Who  you have worked for
  • Degrees and certifications

To make your resume scannable, use short sentences, bulleted lists, and put important points in bold. Finally, don’t forget to use lots of white space between the sections of your resume. To test whether or not your resume is scannable, have a friend look at it for about 6 seconds. Then, take  the document from them and ask them what they remember.

Link Your Professional Social Media Accounts

If you are active on LinkedIN, Twitter, Facebook, or you have a blog where you are active as a member of your profession, include the links in your contact information. You’ll pique the hiring manager’s interest, and they might be impressed by your social media presence. Obviously, you shouldn’t link to social media pages that are personal in any way.

Put The Most Important Elements First

One important item, when learning how to build a resume, is understanding the importance of sequence. What is it about you, that you believe is most likely to make somebody want to call you in for an interview. Is it your technical skills, your education, or the position you currently hold? Whatever it is, make sure that is the first thing on your resume.

Ask For Help if You Need it

Writing a resume is a challenging task that is even more intimidating if you are doing it for the first time. Fortunately, there is help available for you. If you are a student, there is probably a career center at your school that provides resume help. Your local unemployment office, community center, or library might also offer some assistance. Finally, you can always come to resumescenter.com for resume assistance.