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Changing Careers at 30? 40? 50? How? Why?

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Mrs. R. Bradford, after a long day of cleaning house, cooking dinner for her husband and gossiping with her neighbor over the back fence, found herself sitting on her living room sofa bawling her eyes out. She could not for anything understand why she was crying.

She had the dream life. Her children were grown, her husband loved her, took care of all her economic needs. She didn’t have to work outside the home a day of her life if she didn’t want too, although she had a college degree.

When talking to her doctor about what had occurred he suggested she may need a change of pace, maybe look for a job, pick back up her career of choice.

Therein lied the rub, she was unfulfilled as a wife and mother, and now it was time she did something for her own satisfaction. But how, she had no skills and was now 55.

Normal for Most

Mrs. Bradford’s is one of those extreme cases. But all over the world individuals from all backgrounds are finding that they would like some changes made in their present lives. Most of these changes must do with job dissatisfaction, lack of experience in the field they would like to be engaged in, or just a change of scenery. So, what do you do if you find that you want to change your career after investing time and money in getting the career you have?

Where to Begin?

When you finally realize that you want to make a career change, or pump up the career you have by gaining more technical knowledge, where do you start? You may take a Career test to find whhat is best for youHow do you begin the change from one career to another?

How to Change Careers at 30-35

Let’s start with the earliest age that most start thinking they may want to change their careers. Between the ages of 30-35, many of us have been working in the discipline that we were educated in during our college years. We may be thinking, “is this what I really want to do with my life?” or, “Is it possible to change my career?”

Whatever you do, do not leave the job that you have without having a plan in place to make money while you consider other avenues of possibilities. You may be frustrated with how your present job is progressing, and it may be more of a struggle than what you thought it would be, but now that you are involved in it you must pull you head slowly out of the lion’s mouth. Your exit while considering changing careers at 30 list will include:

  1. Positive attitudes with your present boss and colleagues (you will want references for your next job)

  2. Savings that add up to at least 3 months if you plan on leaving your job without a new one.

  3. Updated resumes, cover letters, and if necessary a CV. You may want to consider career change resume writing professionals to handle this.

  4. A thought-out list of what you think you might want to try to do next.

You have developed a skill-set that you should use to guide you into your next career. Start researching what jobs are out there that use some of the same skills that you already have.

What Are Your Passions?

Research your passion. I asked my daughter once what she was passionate about and she drew a blank saying, “I never thought about it.” She graduated with an MBA, but ended up hating sitting in an office conducting business.

When we go to college we are thinking how we can make money in our careers, but what we forget to do is think about what we enjoy. Getting stuck in a job that you must go to every day for the rest of your life can cause depression.

Get in touch with what you are passionate about before you make your career change. Leaving one job to go to another that is some of the same situation, is asking for the same dose of unhappiness.

Try this. Get out a piece of paper, don’t do it on a computer or phone. Write down the pros and cons of leaving your present position to change careers. At the bottom of the page, write down the things you wish you could do besides working for someone else. Remember, freelancing and starting your own business is an option also.

How to change careers at 40-50

By the time we are in our 40’s it gets harder to decide to make a change and stop what we are used to doing. The mortgage must be paid, we find that we are on a schedule to get those school loans paid off, and our children’s futures are on our minds. They too want a college education that will cost more than what we had to pay.

Although it is scary to think of changing careers when in the 40’s and 50’s, it is doable. Many have decided that they have developed enough experience in their jobs to start their own businesses.

E. Davis, U.S.A, worked as a Home Coordinator for 20 years for a Pennsylvania based company. She always had a love for children and when her home was partially paid off she was standing in her front window one day, dissatisfied with her present job, and decided that the first floor in her home would made a great place to build a child daycare business.

She had been conservative with her income and had a little nest-egg put away. With help from her husband and daughter, within 2 months of coming up with a plan, they had turned the first floor of their home into a beautifully laid out daycare facility that could serve up to 12 children.

Her clients? Everyone that she had been working with for over 20 years were now grandparents or had just started families, and they knew Mrs. Davis so well that she filled up to capacity in her daycare business within one week of opening. She states:

    “It was scary at first to think of leaving my position. I was having a mid-life crisis of     the biggest kind and I knew I needed change. I am so happy that the change that I     needed was the job. Opening up my own business has given me time and energy to     spend with my husband and take trips that we could never make time for in the     past” Mrs. E. Davis

Go Back to School?

What if you are a recent college graduate at 30, 40, or 50? One thing that you want to do when choosing the career path, you will follow graduating, is getting help with your resume.

You may have so much more to enhance on your resume than someone that comes from high school and gets their degree.

Life experiences are often looked at, and given credit for when applying for a job. We tend to invest in some of the best tech equipment like our computers or our phones, but investing in top rated resume writing services should be right up there with our technical choices.

We want our resume to get past ATS (application tracking software), and those that write resumes for a living are going to get us in the door to the interview.

Plan Everything

As you can see, it is a very doable experience to change your career. But what we encourage you to do is to plan for it. There is not one single person that jumps out of a plane without a parachute that survives, well, not anyone that we know of.

If you dream you own business, there will be licenses to consider and a good tax consultant can help you with those issues.

If you have savings, go for it but remember that those savings have to cover your living expenses during the entire time you are getting your business up and running. Good luck!