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2016 ended with another horrible report on veteran healthcare. It seems that a careless dentist, who violated policies by using his own instruments and cleaning methods, may have infected patients with serious diseases, including HIV. This was nothing new. Throughout 2016, there was news of lack of medical care for veterans, including long wait times, even being turned away, and especially lack of mental health care for those from Vietnam forward. Republicans in Congress vilified the Obama administration for its lack of action.

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It all began with messages between two individuals on LinkedIn. A separated Marine, Daniel Rau, and Diana Rau have a conversation about how difficult it can be for military service members to secure career positions once they return to civilian life. They come up with a plan to mentor six of their fellow separated Marines, providing career advice and job-hunting strategies over a two-week period. In the course of their work with these friends, they discover that over 1.5 million veterans separated since 2001 are having the same types of difficulties.

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There are those that reach out to get help every day and do not know where to look. Then there are those that are looking for those that they can mentor. Some of those that are looking are among military veterans, and those that want to help do not realize how rewarding helping a veteran get started in their new lives as civilians can be.

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Upon discharge from military life there is so much that an ex-soldier must contend with. Change has always been a part of your military life; moving around the world, and assignments changing from one year to the next, but there was also stability in knowing that you had a steady pay coming in to help with family obligations.

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Getting your foot in the door at a job is challenge enough. You must climb a mountain of paperwork that many times include documents that you must scurry to get prepared.
What if a prospective employer sends out a notice that they want a CV, and they are adamant that a resume won’t do.

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Mrs. R. Bradford, after a long day of cleaning house, cooking dinner for her husband and gossiping with her neighbor over the back fence, found herself sitting on her living room sofa bawling her eyes out. She could not for anything understand why she was crying.

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Businesses are increasingly using ATS (applicant tracking software) to handle resumes that are submitted through their online portals. Although submitting applications online is a convenience for you, it can be overwhelming for the HR department to handle the hundreds of submissions that come through each day.

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Although you are headed in the right direction by getting your resume and cover letter done professionally, the one important thing that many job-seekers fail to remember is how important thank-you letters or post cards are to the business-2-business relationship.

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Job Search Engines Tips

August 18, 2016 - Posted to Job Interview

A job search generally starts from a job portal. HR’s (Hiring Recruiter) from a start up to big MNC’s (Multi-National Corporations), outsource a chunk of their search to various job portals. Meaning, thousands of people are competing for a single opening in an organization. To cut through the clutter, you need to know the basic working principle of job search engines. While there are various job search websites, the basic principle of job searches remain the same. In this article we will explore some of the methods through which you can be successful in landing a job.

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A few years ago, the infographic resume was trending. It might not have gained mainstream acceptance, but in more creative fields it was seen as a good thing. Many job seekers have opted to create infographic resumes in addition to their traditional one. Now, the video resume appears to be the newest trend on the horizon. Does this mean you should jump on the bandwagon, and use video resumes to impress potential employers? That depends. Are you in the right line of work? Are you willing to invest the time and money to produce a high-quality video resume? This article is going to delve into the does and don’ts of video resumes, provide you with some great examples, and help you to determine if video resumes are right for you.

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